Construction Recycle Plant in Russia


Various requirements of recycling.

The increasing amount of waste material is not only causing challenges, it is also creating new business opportunities. With legislation getting tighter, there is growing pressure to use crushed aggregates made from demolition waste instead of virgin gravel and rock resources. It is important that these aggregates demonstrate a high level of quality. With ever-developing standards for recycled crushed aggregates, customers need mobile crushing plants that are reliable, easy to maintain and economical to operate.

A growing number of material processing projects are situated in city centers. Therefore, distances to processing plants can be long, making transportation an expensive affair. The processing of these materials can also be expensive, because dumping costs are continuously on the rise and impact on the environment is inevitable. With prices of metals also steadily climbing, our customers increasingly aim to process materials efficiently, so that they can collect all possible metals for further use, resulting in a lower use of raw metals and higher profits.


KL mobile plants enable recycling in all locations

Because there is a need for new, environmentally sustainable and economical alternatives for recycled material crushing, especially at smaller sites, Kinglink mobile jaw crushing plants are specifically designed to meet these requirements.

With crushing happening on-site, transportation and fuel costs drastically decrease, cutting down on emissions and making crushing more profitable. The added benefit of less waste reduces the need for new dumping ground space and lowers the consumption of raw materials.

By using Kinglink mobile crushing plants and screens, waste can be made into sellable products while preserving the environment.