Movable Crushing Line in Polynesia


The world’s resources are finite. So there is a global need to recycle demolition materials to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

At Kinglink Ltd we take our role in the recycling chain very seriously.  We have set ourselves a target of recycling over 95% of all demolition waste for each project. To help us achieve this we are ISO 14001 accredited and run an audited Environmental Management System.  Through our EMS we set environmental targets and also monitor our impact on the environment.

We produce a demolition bill of quantities for each project allowing us to identify materials which can be reclaimed or recycled. During demolition, we segregate waste in order to re-use or recycle it wherever we can.  Any waste we can’t recycle or re-use we take to licensed facilities for disposal.

We are also able to offer our clients an on-site hardcore crushing service which prevents waste leaving site. Our mobile crushers are company owned and operated by our own trained operatives. The crushers process demolition materials to graded specifications e.g.  Crushing on site minimises impact on the environment and reduces cost to the client.


Raising productivity without increased costs

Polynesia processes millions of metric tons of waste construction material – such as concrete, asphalt, rock and glass that would traditionally end up as landfill – and turns it into products suitable for reuse as roadbase and other similar applications.

Kinglink study found recycled concrete products had a carbon footprint 65 percent smaller than the equivalent quarried products. And, as it built a state-of-the-art plant, it was able to cut its processing costs nearly in half.