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Russian customer ordered 3 containers Vibrating Screen Mesh

2023-12-19 0

One of our company’s Russian customers, who had just attended the Canton Fair, rushed to Shanghai to negotiate a procurement contract for the vibrating screen mesh with us.


This customer purchased some Vibrating Screen Mesh from our company last year, and after trial use, they highly appreciate the quality of our screen mesh. This time, he placed a big order to purchase 7 specifications and sizes of manganese steel wire mesh, totaling about 70 tons.


After a month of intensive production, our company successfully completed the production and completed packaging, container booking, loading, and shipment in last week. We have achieved satisfaction and won continuous orders from our customers by providing them with a comprehensive one-stop solution for vibrating screen accessories. Because of this, many customers choose to cooperate with us for a long time to solve the problem of accessory needs.