Iron Ore Crushing in Malaysia


More crushing and less grinding to achieve the energy consumption of Iron Ore crushing plants.

In the Iron Ore processing operation process, crushing and grinding is necessary work. Many traditional grinding technologies such as mills are very energy inefficient with less than five per cent of the total energy in grinding used in Iron Ore breakage. Where Iron Ore liberation characteristics allow coarser liberation, it can be advantageous to use fine crushing technologies and eliminate grinding.

In general, the crushing processing is relatively coarse Iron Ore crushing with high probability, all kinds of crusher crushing probability is about 50 ~ 100%, the crushing effect is good; the grinding processing is fine mineral particles, ball crushing of ore crushing is random, the crushing efficiency is very low, the research showed that the crushing probability of ball mill in less than 10%, then increase the breaking task broken, reduce the crushing task grinding is necessary. In recent years, more crushing and less grinding has become a recognized principle, reducing the crushed product size has become a specific target of scientific research, design and production. Usually plant more crushing and less grinding mainly adopts two ways: one is the reasonable adjusting control row ore mouth size through technical transformation, and reduce size of crushed product; two is the selection of the popular model of crushing equipment to replace the existing crushing equipment. Obviously, regulating the first method row ore mouth will result in lower processing ability, affect the entire production line, such as to ensure that production capacity unchanged change row ore mouth will increase the crushing machine load, particle size smaller then the need to change the ball mill specifications, so the need to replace the multi section crusher and mill, investment the larger, the current only through second methods, selection of new equipment to replace


Crushing process

Following blasting, the fragmented ore is loaded on a mining truck and hauled to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. this plant employ three stages of crushing. Following the primary crushing and the secondary crushing, using conveyors to transport the jaw crushed ore to the cone crushers,At last directly to the mills. The crushing stages will reduce the iron ore from several feet in diameter at the primary stage to six inches down to one-half or three-eighths of an inch as a final product. The crusher product is fed to the milling operation for further size reduction.

Time – 2014.7

Input – Hematite

Output – 0-25mm.

Capacity – 200 t/h

Location –  Malaysia

Product –   PE750*1060 jaw crusher, PEX250*1200 jaw crusher, KLF1300 cone crusher, KLC1380 cone crusher, Ball Mill.