Limestone crushing Plants in China


Reduce the rate of limestone powder mineralization.

Limestone products are metallurgy, sugar, chemicals, cement and other industries one of the main accessorial material, according to the general standards can be divided into two major categories of lump ore and fines ore, In addition to cement manufacturing industry, other industries demand are based on lump ore products.  Limestone production limited by the crushing crafts, geology and other conditions, the production rate of powder ore up to 40% to 60%, While small demand  for the fines ore market, due to unbalanced production and sales, The backlog of a large number of fines ore is one of the main problems of limestone production, Lots of limestone production enterprises are seeking to reduce the rate of powder mineral and method of increasing the block mineral yield.

Through the analysis, it is found that the main reason for the high rate of powder mineralization in the crushing and screening system is that the crushing process and equipment selection is unreasonable, the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen is low and the massive lump ore flows into the powder ore; In the crushing and screening process, the internal transport impact, resulting in secondary crushing, but also to increase the powder ore. Therefore, from the above two aspects of  analysis, to take measures.

In the crusher selection, we believe that because of the need to reduce the fines ore and reduce maintenance costs, should be used cone crusher, to minimize the use of hammer crusher. Although the cone crusher initial investment cost, but considering the human cost, mechanical fuel consumption, maintenance costs, safety performance and supply demand, cone crusher is still the best choice for limestone crushing equipment, hammer crusher high loss rate, Maintenance costs are gradually replaced by cone crusher.


Crushing process

The first stage: primary crusher

Limestone material through the hopper, vibrating feeder evenly by the feed, fed to the jaw crusher for primary crushing, after primary crushed material is conveyed by the feeder and fine screening material from the belt together to cone crusher.

The second stage: in fine crushing

Limestone fed to the crushing back-breaking material after crushing cone crusher, vibrating screen using a round through the back-breaking of the material after crushing were sieved: larger particulate material returned to the cone crusher again crushing; the grain size according to the needs of qualified materials , grading by conveyor belt to a different stockpile storage or transported by truck construction site.

Time – 2014.11

Input – Limestone

Output – 0-3mm, 3-8mm, 8-19mm, 19-25mm.

Capacity – 300 t/h

Location –  China

Product –   PE900*1200 jaw crusher, KLF1380 cone crusher, KLC1380 cone crusher.