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Four Cone Crushers --Completion for Hubei mining project

2022-02-18 0

Since our company, Shanghai Kinglink Industry Co., Ltd. won the bid for Hubei phosphate rock project last year--Four Cone Crushers (2 units of KLM1380 and 2 units of KLF1300 respectively), which were successfully delivered last month. The 4 cone crushers are used for the crushing section before phosphate rock grinding, so as to improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill and reduce energy consumption.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the factory's production and the construction progress in the customer installation site have been delayed for many times. Our technicians and the construction team at the customer's site had cooperated well with each other to overcome various difficulties such as shortage of materials and personnel. The delivery and commissioning of 4 cone crushers have been successfully completed last month. Our customer deeply appreciated the service and efficiency of our company.